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Switching to remote work for COVID-19? Our discounted basic package is meant to help you through these times.

Does Your Remote Team  Feel Disconnected?

Try a virtual team building session tailored to your team.

Our Team Building is Different

Fully Virtual

We meet your team on the video platform you prefer. Complete a short team assessment and our experts design virtual sessions for your team.

Hilariously Fun

We leverage improv techniques to practice topics like trust, collaboration and empathy. Improv promotes a playful environment and is endorsed  by Harvard, Forbes and more for team building.

Led by Experts

Our team building facilitators are trained to create a high-energy and supportive place. They have experience leading virtual sessions for Uber, Cisco, Stripe and other Fortune 1000 companies.

Lasting Effects

Building a cohesive team culture takes time. We offer monthly plans to build repetitive habits rather than one-time events that have temporary effects.

Individual Prep

Option to access a library of entertaining mobile activities that build skills like listening, quick thinking and more. Activities can be done alone in between team building sessions.


Improv for Teams in the News


How It Works

1. Assessment

  • Complete a 3-minute assessment to identify your team's needs

  • Our experts will review and send over a team building curriculum for your first session

2. Schedule

  • We will send over an email with your curriculum and request to schedule a date that works

  • To secure your session there is a small deposit required

3. Join Session

  • Join a videoconference platform of your choice on session day

  • Our instructor will also join and facilitate team building exercises

4. Repeat

  • Follow a plan to have a cycle of team building sessions to see the most change

Watch a Session

Meaghan, Team Lead at Stripe

"Wow! They set the standard for open, creative communication for our globally distributed, remote team. Fun, spontaneous, and fast! We loved it."


Team Cohesion Assessment