Want Your Remote Team to Feel More Connected?

Let our experts lead a virtual team building session for you.

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We're Made for Remote Teams

Fully Virtual

Our expert instructor joins a video conference platform of your choice to lead the session.

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Typical Team Building Journey

Meaningful team mindset change is proven to happen over 3-4 months

Intro Session 

Just the Basics

Have Fun



Learn Each Other

Month 2

Deep Dive

Empathy & EQ

Collaborative Mind

Bi-directional Trust

Conflict Resolution

Month 3

Deep Dive

Growth Mindset

Team Appreciation

Star in Roles


Month 4

Put It Together
Build funny pieces of content together 

Reflect on how to tie back to day-to-day

Watch a Session

Meaghan, Team Lead at Stripe

"Wow! They set the standard for open, creative communication for our globally distributed, remote team. Fun, spontaneous, and fast! We loved it."


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